pitpoint clean fuels

PitPoint clean fuels is an international provider of clean fuels which aims to prevent harmful emissions. They strive to make their vision of 100% clean transport in 2030 possible through innovation and collaboration with their partners. The choice for a modular stand is a perfect fit for this company! It’s sustainable, reusable and environmentally friendly.


taxi expo
houten (nl)


Peninsula stand
45 m²

Wouter Wansink - Marketing Coördinator

"The cooperation with Displaying You was very pleasant from start to finish. From concept to realization they were very helpful and came up with pragmatic solutions. Everything was well-thought-out and realistic within the budget. The number of hours that PitPoint spent preparing for the exhibition was halved, because Displaying You also took care of the project management. The highly professional looking stand attracted a large number of interested visitors. Looking forward to the next trade show!"

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