Flexible for You

That’s also what our FlexCubes are!

acoustic – mobile – modular


Our mobile units are multifunctional and suitable for many purposes. A quiet workplace, meeting room, phone booth, canteen, silent pod or dynamic hotspot in an office, fitting rooms in a fashion store, study area in a school or a photobooth at parties and events. Almost everything is possible!

Flexible is also the design and interior. Our FlexCubes are available in 3 standard sizes and easily expandable with our +1 option. You decide the look (branding) for the in- and outside. Are you going for a sleek timeless design, do you imagine yourself in the jungle or would you like to make calls inside a British telephone booth? The more creative, the better! That’s what we think…..

In addition, you can choose from a range of optional features, such as wheels, ventilation and AV fitting modules.

Flexcube dimensions

FlexCube Small

Inner dimension
992 x 992 x 2232mm (WxDxH)
Outer dimension
1110 x 1110 x 2350mm (WxDxH)

FlexCube Medium

Inner dimension
1984 x 1488 x 2232mm (WxDxH)
Outer dimension
2102 x 1606 x 2350mm (WxDxH)

FlexCube Large

Inner dimension
3968 x 2976 x 2232mm (WxDxH)
Outer dimension
4086 x 3094 x 2350mm (WxDxH)

Do you have an idea that doesn’t match within our standard FlexCubes? No problem!
We gladly build a
Custom FlexCube
with and for you.


Out-of-the-box, in our box! Our Custom variant is perfect if you can’t fit your crazy idea into our Small, Medium or Large option. Perhaps you are participating at a trade fair and looking for an eye-catching “sneak peek” product launch. Do you want a shop-in-shop, a “blow off steam” room for employees or rather prefer a luxury meeting room? Just give us a call!

According to the personal briefing, our design team will start with a concept. Of course we’ll take your requirements and wishes into account. But a creative mind can be a bit stubborn, so let us surprise you.