FlexCube small

our single person cabin!

privacy – silence – focus


Have a moment for yourself! Our FlexCube Small is perfect for making a (private) phone- or video call or preparing an important presentation. Undisturbed and in peace and quiet. Due to its small but comfortable size, you can always find a suitable spot for it. 

Inner dimensions W992 x D992 x H2232mm
Outer dimensions W1110 x D1110 x H2350mm


Available from € 5.499,-


Our FlexCubes are custom-made and can therefore be designed entirely according to your wishes.
Like the “look-and-feel” of the exterior in a theme of your choice, an interior that suits the purpose and finally all facilities with regard to electricity, ventilation and acoustics.


A big plus of our FlexCubes is that they are modular. With our +1 option you can easily expand the size of the FlexCube. You can also bring it back to its original size. So there is always a suitable option for any space!


Also convenient! Our FlexCubes are easy to mobilise. Rather move it to another corner of the room, need it in the office downstairs or take it to an external event? Then our swivel castors are the solution and moving the FlexCube will be a piece of cake!



The more creative, the more fun!
Can you imagine yourself in the jungle, are business calls made inside a British telephone booth or do you feel the beat of your own voice coming from a cool speaker box?

Create a Flexcube that’s part of your corporate identity or make it stand out as the eye-catcher in the room.





  • Construction

Aluminium profiles; silver-grey anodised or black powder-coated.

Optional: Colour of your choice.

  • Glass

6mm toughened flat poly ground safety glass.

  • Illumination

LED Downlight round 170mm 12W (3000K, 4000K or 6000K) incl. dimmer.

  • Floor finish

Carpet or vinyl: Various colours/designs.

Optional: Floor finish of your choice.

  • Walls and ceiling

Full colour printed BlockOut Textile BlackBack 285 grams – DIN 4102-B1

Your custom branding or choose one of our designs.

  • Acoustic filling of stuffing

Environmentally friendly, thermal and fireproof insulation.

Lambda value 0.037 W/m.K – EN12667

Euroclass (fire) A1 – EN13501-1

Airflow resistance (AFr) ≥ 5 kPa.s/m2 – EN 29053

Rd value 1.35 m2.K/W.

  • Electricity

Standard incl. double 220v socket.

Optional: Recessed module with 2x 220v socket, 2x RJ45, hdmi, usb and vga connections.

Optional: Connections of your choice.

  • Optional

Climate control:
Customised air-conditioning system.

Air circulation:
Ventilation incl. control switch with room sensor. Brushed stainless steel grille.

Mobile: Swivel castors with brake.