Then you’re at the right place!
For our projects, we mainly work with a durable modular aluminum system.

This has many benefits;

Displaying You - Modulaire Standbouw - Herbruikbaar en Duurzaam

Re-usable and sustainable

Save costs by (re)using the modular frames, fabrics, prints and panels.

Displaying You - Modulaire Standbouw - Maximale flexibiliteit

Maximum flexibility

Design, look & feel and size can easily be changed.

Displaying You - Modulaire Standbouw - Kortere opbouwtijden

Shorter build-up times

Easy to install by using the modular system (no sanding and painting).

Displaying You - Modulaire Standbouw - Milieuvriendelijk

Environmental friendly

Nearly no (plastic) waste and no use of harmful substances or materials.

A modular exhibition stand is a solid foundation that will last for years!

Design, build and deliver exhibition stands is our core business, but we can also help you with other (temporary) solutions in terms of branding and exposure.

E.g. roadshows, in- and outdoor signing, mobile presentation systems, interior design and our FlexCubes.

Flexible for You!